Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The MS 150, a sugar doughnut, and the road hogs!!

On Saturday the 24th of June the deadliest team assembled since Team Discovery for the 2005 Tour, attacked the MS 150 in Logan UT. Sky Capitan and the Salt Sea Pirates were not only the best dressed for the event, but also were accused of blood doping and EPO abuse by everyone they passed. Diane and I ,along with our good amigos (legal vs illegal) the Gunderson's, rode 100 miles to help fight MS. It was an awesome experience for all. We awoke to a beautiful morning in Logan and proceeded to beautiful towns such as the Franklin RV park and Benson Marina. All along the way we attempted to perfect "the double" and protected Sugar with "the Doughnut" for the final sprint. All along the way we were lucky to hear the witty banter of Kellen and myself. (Jansen may beg to differ)
Some of the best memories of the ride will be the snow cones, the comment "lets get going, here comes that blue team that hogs all the road", the intricate formations of our peleton, the sausage and cheese at the end of the ride, and nothing like us ever was.
We would like to thank all the family and friends who helped us raise over $500 for the ride! (Diane did most of the work) One interesting thought from the race, how do you go to the bathroom with bibs without removing your jersey? I solved this riddle along the way and I am willing to share with anyone who asks.
The next event on the calendar is Diane and our sister-in-law Sara in the Echo tri on July 15. After that is the ULCER 100 mile ride in Aug. Stay tuned and stay on the rivet
Salt Sea Pirate J


Blogger Kellen said...

I agree we were quite a deadly team, the envy of pretty much everyone else who participated in the ride; and of many who didn't. The only part I didn't get was the witty banter of Jay and Kellen. I didn't hear any of that, but that is probably because my bike was making more noise than a harrier and was waking up old ladies and dogs that were trying to sleep in Singapore.

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