Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mother's Day '07

WHY I LOVE being a MOM:

*little smiles that brighten my day
*hugs for no reason
*little notes left under my pillow
*being asked questions I can't always answer, and no one's grading the questions that are
*the sound of singing from the backseats of my car
*choosing who's the boss of who
*being asked, "will you make this for dinner tomorrow too?"
(Unfortunately J said no more leftovers the day he graduated from dental school!)
*loads of laundry~ colors, darks, whites, & PINKS!
*getting what i hoped for for Mother's Day~ a new heart rate monitor with a GPS so I can map where i've gone, speed, elevation, calories, etc. that downloads info to my computer. Too bad that doesn't make you any faster, but definately cooler! Actually J says nerdier. HA! Look out, we'll see what he says after some training with it!
*making school lunches and every once in awile putting a bag of treats in it to share with her friends at school
*"planning" birthday parties months, even years in advance. I think we have Camille's next 5 parties planned.
*having other moms as friends and trying to be like them!

AND the reasons go on and on!!
What a BLESSING to be a MOM!


Blogger Dancin Queen said...

What a cute post! It's so fun to be able to stay in touch with you. BTW-I moved my blog to a new address: You're girls are beautiful.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Robyn said...


You are such a great mommy! I love the list you made. You sound so patient, thoughtful, and loving to your girls. You are such an inspiration and I am glad I have had a chance to know you. I love reading your blog, too. It's like I am right there.

Keep in touch!

7:51 PM  
Blogger A&J Holt said...

cute blog D!! Now we can stay in touch when Josh and I move to Carolina!!

2:16 PM  
Blogger davies-jennie said...

Hi Diane,
You are a fit, skinny woman! I am so glad I ran into Ange Mikesell so I could locate your blog. Your family is beautiful!! Love you all. Jennie

7:33 PM  

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