Wednesday, April 25, 2007

J and D break Anniversary world record!?

March 25th J and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Most people have a bite of the top wedding cake on their first anniversary, but unintentionally we still had the top of our cake on our 10th! Right after getting married, we stored the top of the cake in J's dad's freezer, forgot about it the first year, lived away from it the next 4 years, forgot about it a few more years, and last year while getting something out of my father in law's freezer I found it and said we'd pull it out for our 10th! Little did I know we'd actually take a bite! World Record? I don't know. Something to laugh about, definately! After 10 years, the poor little cake looked very saggy, didn't taste bad, but definately didn't taste good. After 10 years of marriage, I'm also looking a quite saggy, but life & love is better than ever.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We're Back... Back in Black!

A title for all of my rocker friends. (I did go to Brighton High School)
I've enjoyed all of your blogs so much, that it was time to continue J's start of our family's blog, especially now that our tiny baby blog is 9 months old. My posts may not be as funny or poetic as J's, but at least they'll get posted! (Sorry, Babe!) Here's a few favorite pics from the last 9 months...

D "competes" more like "completes" her first sprint triathlon with much more beautiful, younger, and faster sister-in-law Sara!

lots of messes, and they still continue...

Dancing Divas

Soccer Stars

Another Happy Halloween!

Mom & Camille's first "Turkey Trot"
Camille begged me for a month that she wanted to do the 5K with me. I finallly gave in and signed her up when she said to my mom, "Grandma, is it O.K. if I am sweaty for turkey dinner, cuz I'm going to run a 5K in the morning?" She did awsome. I told her I'd let her say when we'd run and walk. We finished in 42 minutes! My slowest 5K, but definately my favorite 5K!

Our girls aren't your average snow bunnies. They're rail sliding tricksters, seriously. Camille has perfected her rail slide so much that she gets whistles & cheers from the snowboarders watching from the lift. Jocelyn says snow skiing is her favorite thing to do, probably because she is an amazing skiier! Hopefully mom will be able to keep up with them for at least one more season or two!!