Monday, September 03, 2007

Loggin' in another 100 miles

On May 19th, J and I rode the Salt Lake Century with a few of our favorite biking buddies; Conrad, Anthon & Cami (on a tandem) & sis-in-law Sara (the same one who is faster, younger, & much more beautiful than I. you may hear this over and over because it has become an inside joke on our blogs, although she never writes that I'm younger. hmmm....) The ride starts at the Salt Lake Fairgrounds, heads north up through Bountiful, Kaysville, all the way to Hooper, down and back on the Antelope Island Causeway, and back to the fairgrounds through the same towns. A little over 100 miles round trip. It was quite windy and hot at times, but so fun. Jay said the best way to train for that ride is to put your bike on your indoor trainer and while riding have your wife shoot a blow dryer right in your face! There's only one thing better than a long bike ride with my husband and friends, getting home to 3 little excited girls asking "when do we get to ride a century with you?" and "why do I have to be 10 to get a "race" bike?"
P.S. Sorry the pics are a little blurry, I think the camera was a little sweaty from being in the back pocket of J's jersey! :)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mother's Day '07

WHY I LOVE being a MOM:

*little smiles that brighten my day
*hugs for no reason
*little notes left under my pillow
*being asked questions I can't always answer, and no one's grading the questions that are
*the sound of singing from the backseats of my car
*choosing who's the boss of who
*being asked, "will you make this for dinner tomorrow too?"
(Unfortunately J said no more leftovers the day he graduated from dental school!)
*loads of laundry~ colors, darks, whites, & PINKS!
*getting what i hoped for for Mother's Day~ a new heart rate monitor with a GPS so I can map where i've gone, speed, elevation, calories, etc. that downloads info to my computer. Too bad that doesn't make you any faster, but definately cooler! Actually J says nerdier. HA! Look out, we'll see what he says after some training with it!
*making school lunches and every once in awile putting a bag of treats in it to share with her friends at school
*"planning" birthday parties months, even years in advance. I think we have Camille's next 5 parties planned.
*having other moms as friends and trying to be like them!

AND the reasons go on and on!!
What a BLESSING to be a MOM!

Camille is Functionally Fluent in Spanish!

May 22, 2007 Camille earns her functional fluency diploma from the ILP Duolingual Education Spanish Program at the McKee Language School. She attended the most darling spanish preschool this year. Each day was broken down into 6 different subjects of play in Spanish~ such as cooking, exercise, acting out plays, singing, etc. The teachers only spoke spanish to the kids and the kids earned tokens for all the spanish words they used to "buy" toys at the end of the day. Camille's teacher said she is the best spanish speaker at the school that doesn't come from a spanish speaking home. We are so proud of her achievement and awe at her love for the language at such a young age. The program was developed by a BYU professor and his daughter runs the preschool. Although the preschool is for profit, BYU has study abroad non-profit programs all over the world, using this McKee method to teach kids in other countries english. If you want you can read more about the nonprofit work at It's quite interesting.